T7 RiboMAX™ Express RNAi System

T7 RiboMAX™ Express RNAi System

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50 × 20µl reactions
Catalog number: P1700

The T7 RiboMAX™ Express RNAi System is an in vitro transcription system designed for producing milligram amounts of double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) in a short amount of time. The dsRNA is free of protein and other contaminants and is suitable for use in RNA interference (RNAi) in both mammalian and nonmammalian systems.

The T7 RiboMAX™ Express RNAi System can be used to synthesize short interfering RNAs (siRNAs) of 21bp for use in mammalian systems. siRNAs synthesized in vitro have been demonstrated to be as effective as chemically synthesized siRNAs for inducing RNAi in mammalian cells.

In addition, the T7 RiboMAX™ Express RNAi System can be used for the synthesis of dsRNA molecules of approximately 200bp or greater, which can be applied to nonmammalian systems. Two complementary RNA strands are synthesized from DNA template (either plasmid or PCR product). The resulting RNA strands are annealed after the transcription reaction to form dsRNA. Any remaining single-stranded RNA and DNA template are removed with a nuclease digestion step. The dsRNA is then purified by isopropanol precipitation and can be introduced into the organism of choice for RNAi applications.

  • Save Time: The T7 RiboMAX™ Express RNAi System produces milligram amounts of RNA in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Minimize Pipetting Errors: The four rNTPs and 2X transcription buffer have been combined, thus minimizing pipetting errors and setup time.
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Complete Protocol

T7 RiboMAX™ Express RNAi System Technical Bulletin


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50 × 20µl reactions

Item - Catalog number: P1700 Part # Size Concentration Available Separately
RNase A Solution A797D 1 × 200μl 4mg/ml View Product
Sodium Acetate, 3.0M (pH 5.2) P135A 1 × 1ml
Enzyme Mix, T7 Express P132A 1 × 100μl
Nuclease-Free Water P119A 1 × 1,250μl View Product
RiboMAX™ Express T7 2X Buffer P164A 1 × 500μl
pGEM® Express Positive Control Template P256A 1 × 5μg View Product
RQ1 RNase-Free DNase M610C 1 × 110u View Product

Use Restrictions

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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