pTargeT™ Sequencing Primer

pTargeT™ Sequencing Primer

Designed for Sequencing Inserts Cloned into the pTargeT™ Mammalian Expression Vector

  • Hybridizes to the region of the lacZ gene at nucleotides 1367–1344 on the pTargeT™ Vector

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The pTargeT™ Sequencing Primer is used to sequence inserts cloned into the pTargeT™ Mammalian Expression Vector (Cat.# A1410) and only for this vector. The primer sequence is not a binding site for any RNA polymerases and cannot be used to generate in vitro transcripts. The primer is supplied at a concentration of 10ng/μl (1.25pmol/μl) in sterile water.

The sequence of the pTargeT™ Sequencing Primer is 5´-d(TTACGCCAAGTTATTTAGGTGACA)-3´.


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pTargeT™ Sequencing Primer (24mer) Q446A 1 × 2μg

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For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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