GASTROClear for Professionals

GASTROClear for Professionals

GASTROClear is the world’s first molecular blood test for early detection of gastric cancer in high-risk populations.

The GASTROClear test provides information to help doctors identify patients who may benefit from detailed medical examinations to diagnose gastric cancer early, before symptoms appear.

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The Science

The test measures a panel of 12 microRNA biomarkers which has been shown to detect 87% of all gastric cancers, including up to 89% of early-stage (stage 1-2) gastric cancers.. The expression levels of these 12 microRNAs are translated into a risk score calculated by a clinically validated proprietary algorithm. Based on risk scores, patients are classified as high risk, intermediate risk, or low risk, with specific follow-up recommendations for doctors in managing each group.


Earlier detection

GASTROClear helps detect gastric cancer early, so that timely life-saving treatment can be administered.

Detects cancer before symptoms

GASTROClear is intended for use in an asymptomatic average-risk population

Detects all stages of gastric cancer

GASTROClear detects high-grade dysplasia (stage 0) and all stages of gastric cancer (from stage 1-4).


GASTROClear testing complements H. pylori testing and gastroscopy in early detection of gastric cancer .

Blood test

GASTROClear requires only a single tube of blood which is minimally invasive.

Cost-effective screening

GASTROClear is designed to be used in conjunction with gastroscopy for cost-effective gastric cancer screening in populations with low to intermediate gastric cancer prevalence.

Intended Use

The GASTROClear, an in-vitro diagnostic medical device (IVD), is intended for use as an adjunctive test for the detection of gastric neoplasia associated miRNA biomarkers in human serum. GASTROClear is NOT intended as a replacement for gastroscopy; it should be used in conjunction with gastroscopy and other test methods in accordance with recognised clinical guidelines. It is thus an adjective tool to aid in the detection of gastric cancer.

As such, only patients who met certain criteria are tested using GASTROClear. The result obtained from the test may indicate the presence of gastric cancer and the patient then goes for gastroscopy and biopsy as required. The output of the GASTROClear test is a risk score where a high score may indicate the presence of gastric cancer and should be followed up by gastroscopy.

Risk factors


This test is intended for adults of either sex, 40 years or older at average risk of having gastric cancer with one of the following risk factors:

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