Maxwell® 16 LEV RNA FFPE Purification Kit

Maxwell® 16 LEV RNA FFPE Purification Kit

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Catalog number: AS1260

Automated RNA Extraction from 5μm FFPE Sections






Safe, Hands-Free RNA Purification from 1–16 FFPE Samples

The Maxwell® 16 LEV RNA FFPE Purification Kit is designed to extract RNA rapidly from FFPE samples using the Maxwell® 16 Instrument (Cat.# AS2000 and AS3000). The FFPE kit is specifically designed for optimal purification of RNA from 5μm thin sections of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples.

The Maxwell® 16 LEV RNA FFPE Purification Kit is optimized to yield a final RNA concentration that maximizes RNA yield, eliminating the need to concentrate the extract prior to amplification. Lysates are placed directly into the cartridges, and amplification-ready RNA is obtained in approximately 60 minutes (after proteinase K digest). This kit does not use hazardous xylene, thereby providing a much safer method than many competitive kits. Additionally, quality testing demonstrates virtually no PCR inhibitors in purified samples.

  • Provides high yield of pure amplifiable RNA from FFPE mammalian tissue samples, minimizing sample waste and reruns.
  • Simple method with no organic solvents used for deparaffinization.
  • Protocol can be completed within a single 8-hour shift.

The purified RNA is suitable for downstream applications including RT-PCR, RT-qPCR, endpoint RT-PCR, cDNA library synthesis and gene expression analysis.


Complete Protocol

Maxwell® 16 LEV RNA FFPE Kit Technical Manual

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Quick Protocols

Maxwell 16 LEV RNA FFPE Kit FB167

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What’s in the box?

Item - Catalog number: AS1260 Part # Size Available Separately
Maxwell® FFPE Cartridges AS135A 48 × 1 each
LEV Plungers AS610A 1 × 50/pk View Product
Elution Tubes (0.5ml) AS620A 1 × 50/pk View Product
Proteinase K (PK) Solution MC111A 2 × 1ml
Lysis Buffer MC118A 1 × 20ml
Nuclease-Free Water MC119A 1 × 25ml
Mineral Oil MC121A 1 × 25ml
Blue Dye MC122A 1 × 100μl
DNase Buffer MC124A 1 × 1ml
MnCl2, 0.09M MC125A 2 × 1ml
DNase I (lyophilized) Z358A 3 × 1 vial

Use Restrictions

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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