ID3EAL microRNA Knowledge Panels

ID3EAL microRNA Knowledge Panels

MiRXES ID3EAL microRNA Knowledge Panels consist of microRNAs relevant to specific areas of research. Each panel profile is selected through extensive survey of published literature and in-house research data. All miRNA assays have been extensively wet-lab validated using synthetic microRNA templates and human sample RNA

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How do I go about doing it?

Below is a typical experimental setup to provide an idea of workflow. In this example, the experimental setup involves five biological replicated from each group. 100ng of total RNA from each sample was used for reverse transcription and qPCR profiling.

How long does it take؟

A typical workflow involves reverse transcription from RNA and takes below 2 hours from RNA to results.


What type of data can I get?

Simply plug in your qPCR profile Ct data into the automated analysis template provided and you will be able to view data in various format; boxplot, unsupervised clustering, scatterplot, volcano plot. At a quick glance, you will be able to single out potential key microRNA regulators and identify your candidates for further validation.

What can I infer from my data?

From the potential miRNA regulators that are singled out, one may further validated them using miRNA qPCR, or perform functional studies with mimics/inhibitors.

MiRXES offers wet lab validated individual miRNA qPCR assays for further validation of identified miRNA candidate.