Maxwell® 16 miRNA Tissue Kit

Maxwell® 16 miRNA Tissue Kit

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Catalog number:  AS1470

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Automated Extraction of High-Quality Total RNA with Enhanced miRNA Enrichment





Hands-Free Purification of RNA with Enhanced miRNA Enrichment

The Maxwell® 16 miRNA Kit, in combination with the Maxwell® 16 MDx Instrument, purifies high-quality total RNA with enhanced miRNA enrichment. The simple RNA purification method involves minimal lysate handling before automated purification. A low elution volume is used to generate concentrated high-quality RNA suitable for use in downstream applications such as quantitative RT-PCR, microarrays and sequencing.

The kit contains all the necessary reagents for miRNA extraction in a convenient prefilled cartridge format.


Complete Protocol

Maxwell® 16 miRNA Tissue Kit Technical Manual


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Quick Protocols

Maxwell 16 miRNA Tissue Kit FB187

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What’s in the box?

Item - Catalog number: AS1470 Part # Size Available Separately
1-Thioglycerol A208B 1 × 900μl
Maxwell® RSC Cartridge (RSCN) AS173A 48 × 1 each
LEV Plungers AS610A 1 × 50/pk View Product
Elution Tubes (0.5ml) AS620A 1 × 50/pk View Product
Blue Dye C888A 1 × 50μl
Proteinase K (PK) Solution MC500C 2 × 1ml View Product
Lysis Buffer MC501C 1 × 20ml
Nuclease-Free Water P119C 1 × 25ml View Product
Homogenization Solution Z305H 1 × 30ml
DNase I (lyophilized) Z358A 2 × 1 vial
Lytic Enhancer MC145A 1 × 20ml

Use Restrictions

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

Storage Conditions

Patents and Disclaimers

U.S. Pat. No. 7,329,488 and S. Korean Pat. No. 100483684.