HeLaScribe® Nuclear Extract in vitro Transcription System

HeLaScribe® Nuclear Extract in vitro Transcription System

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The most well characterized cell-free system for in vitro transcription of eukaryotic genes is derived from HeLa cell nuclei. HeLa nuclear extracts can support accurate transcription initiation by RNA polymerase II and exhibit both basal and regulated patterns of RNA polymerase transcription. The nuclear extract is also a source of transcription factors, DNA-binding proteins and the enzymatic machinery involved in RNA processing.

The HeLa Nuclear Extract included in the HeLaScribe® Nuclear Extract in vitro Transcription System is prepared by a modification of the method of Dignam et al. Extracts prepared by this method have been shown to allow transcription from the human transferrin gene promoter and the adenovirus 2 major late promoter.

The system includes all the necessary components for in vitro transcription as well as a positive control template (CMV immediate early promoter DNA), and is performance-tested with the cytomegalovirus immediate early gene (CMV) promoter. HeLaScribe® Nuclear Extract is also available separately.

Applications of the HeLaScribe® Nuclear Extract in vitro Transcription System include:

  • Analyzing basal and transcription factor-regulated transcription.
  • Assessing Promoter strength.
  • Mapping mRNA start sites.


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HeLaScribe® Nuclear Extract in vitro Transcription System Technical Bulletin


What’s in the box?

Item / Catlog no: E3110 Part # Size Concentration Available Separately
MgCl2 A357A 1 × 500μl 50mM
HeLaScribe® Nuclear Extract Transcription Grade E309A 2 × 20 reactions View Product
HeLa Nuclear Extract 1X Transcription Buffer E360A 1 × 400μl
HeLa Extract Stop Solution E361A 1 × 15ml
HeLa Nuclear Extract Positive Control DNA E362A 1 × 300ng View Product
Loading Dye E371A 1 × 1ml
rATP, 100mM E601A 1 × 15μl View Product
rUTP, 100mM E602A 1 × 15μl View Product
rGTP, 100mM E603A 1 × 15μl View Product
rCTP, 100mM E604A 1 × 15μl View Product
Nuclease-Free Water P119A 1 × 1,250μl View Product

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For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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