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Swab & Saliva Sample Collection

The MiRXES Swab Collection System and MiRXES Saliva Collection Kit allow collection and preservation of RNA from potentially viral-infected nasal/throat swabs or saliva samples, respectively.

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Swab Collection System


The MiRXES Swab Collection System allows collection of potentially viral-infected throat or nasal swabs in a guanidine solution that lyses and denatures viruses, allowing for safe storage and handling for up to two weeks at room temperature.

Lysed extract is compatible with widely available spin column- and magnetic bead-based RNA extraction kits.


Saliva Collection Kit

The MiRXES Saliva Collection Kit allows collection of RNA from potentially viral-infected saliva samples. With simple collection procedures and minimal facilitation by administrators, the MiRXES Saliva Collection Kit can be widely used in healthcare and research institutions.

  • Transport, use and store (unused kits are valid for up to 24 month) stably at room temperature.
  • RNA samples are stable for up to 15 days. Samples should be in virus transport medium (VTM) and stored at room temperature.
  • Pre-analytic procedures to test for common pathogens e.g. coronavirus, influenza virus, hand-foot-and-mouth disease.
  • Compatible with commonly available spin column-based and magnetic bead-based kits.

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