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Spectrum Compact CE System

  • Single-base resolution
  • Integrated touch screen operation
  • 6-dye-compatible CE analysis
  • Class 1 Laser Product

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Catalog number selected: CE1304

Catalog number selected: CE1307

Catalog number selected: CE1305

An Affordable Benchtop Instrument for Sanger Sequencing and Fragment Analysis

Benchtop, Personal CE System

The Spectrum Compact CE System is an integrated and efficient instrument that brings you the independence to perform Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis in your laboratory, under your control, and at your convenience.

It is designed for use with existing sequencing chemistries using fluorescently labeled dideoxynucleotide triphosphate and 4-, 5- and 6-dye STR kits from Promega and other commercially available kits.

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Sanger Sequencing

  • De novo sequencing
  • NGS confirmation
  • Resequencing
  • Mutation detection
  • Mitochondrial sequencing

Fragment Analysis

  • Microsatellites
  • PCR sizing
  • SNP genotyping
  • And many more…
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Small-Footprint Advanced Multiplexing

Single-Base Resolution

Accurate and Fast Sequencing

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The Spectrum Compact Control Software provides a simple user interface with a clear display of useful features including run set up, consumables and array usage information, as well as system maintenance reminders. With the easy to use operational workflow instrument, the instrument also offers the ability to monitor run progress and view results while a run is in progress. Export files are compatible with commercially available data analysis software.


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Plug-and-play prefilled consumables with guided software user interface brings capillary electrophoresis capabilities to the hands of any researcher in the laboratory regardless of skill level or expertise.

Not only is the Spectrum Compact CE System simple to set up and operate, related consumables such as prefilled buffers and polymer are available in convenient packaging. Accessories such as plates, strip tubes and septa mats are also available for purchase. All consumables use 2D barcoding to track key information.


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Download Full Specification Sheet

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GeneMarker®HID Software for Spectrum CE System (GMHID-Spectrum) supports data analysis with all commercially available human identity kits. A range of reporting options are available to meet LIMS and report printing needs, and analysis and display options can be easily configured to support your laboratory’s workflow. Other benefits include:

  • Database searching and relationship testing modules
  • Review tools, such as automated contamination checking and project comparison
  • Time savings of at least 25%
  • Less analyst intervention
  • Supports Spectrum (.promega) and existing CE data (.fsa and .hid files)

Linked Navigation: Simply click on a peak or in the table to highlight data details.

Multi-Color View: View/comment/edit all dye channels for an allelic ladder or sample on one screen.

ProView™ Sequencing Software

ProView™ Sequencing Software is a customizable Sanger sequencing viewer capable of displaying .ab1 files generated on many currently available capillary electrophoresis (CE) sequencers. This software can be used to view and edit sequence information, display electropherograms, generate reports, display embedded information and save edited files in multiple formats.

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We understand that your work can’t stop, and we’re dedicated to minimizing any interruptions to your lab operations. On-site installation and operational training are included with purchase of the instrument, and preventive maintenance, applications training, validation and on-site service are also available. Promega scientists are ready to help, and we expect to be there when you need us.



Phone-based and on-site consultation in addition to data analyses and summary reports are the kinds of options for support you can expect.


As you transition to include the Spectrum Compact CE System in your lab, we will be with you every step of the way. We offer on-site instrument, software and application training as well as timely on-site installation and service.


If you want regular servicing and maintenance, we can take care of you. In addition to standard maintenance contracts, we have additional packages to keep your Spectrum Compact CE System running.


Complete Protocol

Spectrum Compact CE System Operating Manual

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Spectrum Compact CE System Remote Access Manual

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Catalog number selected: CE1304

Use Restrictions

Not For Medical Diagnostic Use.

Catalog number selected: CE1307

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Use Restrictions

Not For Medical Diagnostic Use.

Catalog number selected: CE1305

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Use Restrictions

Not For Medical Diagnostic Use.