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ReliaPrep™ Large Volume HT gDNA Isolation System

Automated DNA Isolation from 1–10ml Blood

  • Effective recovery from pristine, hemolysed or frozen samples
  • Purified DNA ready for use in downstream assays or archiving
  • Chemistry scaled for each sample, reducing waste

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Catalog number selected: A2751

Automated DNA Isolation from 1–10ml Blood

Scalable, Walkaway DNA Purification from Large-Volume Blood Samples

The ReliaPrep™ Large Volume HT gDNA Isolation System is used with the HSM 2.0 Instrument (Cat.# A2715) to provide a scalable, efficient method for isolating genomic DNA (gDNA) from 1–10ml blood samples. The precipitation-free ReliaPrep™ DNA purification chemistry eliminates the tedious centrifugation steps and hazardous chemicals associated with precipitation-based methods, reducing purification failures. Each kit provides enough reagents to process up to 96 × 10ml whole blood samples.

The system has been automated on robotic liquid-handling workstations, allowing walkaway purification of 1–10ml whole blood, regardless of sample storage or shipping conditions.

Genomic DNA yields from 10ml normal whole blood samples are typically 200–400µg (depending on white blood cell count) in a final eluted volume of 1ml. Recovered DNA exhibits good purity with A260/A280 ratios greater than 1.7 and A260/A230 ratios between 1.8 and 2.2.

Products may not be available in all countries.

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Expedite Sample Processing with the HSM 2.0 Heater Shaker Magnet

The HSM 2.0 Instrument heats, shakes and magnetizes sample tubes in one position throughout the extraction process from lysis to elution, eliminating the need to move samples on the robot deck and reducing instrument failures.

For low-throughput isolation of gDNA from up to 32 samples at one time, the HSM 2.0 instrument can be used in a semi-automated mode, where the user performs the pipetting functions. The HSM has software that controls the instrument and directs the user through the purification protocol.

No Manual Sample Transfer Once Instrument Is Loaded

Simply place the primary blood sample tubes on the instrument or transfer samples to processing tubes, follow the setup instructions and start the protocol. Purified DNA is ready in ≤4.5 hours.

Process Multiple Sample Types

See the Application Notes linked below for details on purification of DNA from blood, buffy coat and packed cell pellet  samples using the ReliaPrep™ Large Volume HT gDNA Isolation System.
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RNase A Solution
20X TE Buffer (pH 7.5)
Tissue Lysis Buffer (TLA)
Nuclease-Free Water
Integrated Reagent Caps
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Complete Protocol

ReliaPrep™ Large Volume HT gDNA Isolation System Technical Manual

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Use Restrictions

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

Storage Conditions

Patents and Disclaimers

U.S. Pat. No. 6,855,499 and other patents.