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PureYield™ RNA Midiprep System

High Yields of Total RNA Without Using Organic Solvents

  • Purifies total RNA directly from cultured cells, bacteria, blood, yeast, plants and other sample types
  • Undetectable genomic DNA contamination
  • Rapid, safe and efficient RNA purification method

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Catalog number: Z3740

Pure Total RNA. No Organic Solvents or Ethanol Precipitation

The PureYield™ RNA Midiprep System allows rapid purification of total RNA with undetectable levels of genomic DNA contamination without using DNase. A novel combination of reagents, membranes and protocol leads to yields of up to 1mg of total RNA without organic solvents, protease digestions or alcohol precipitations. One kit can be used to isolate pure total RNA from a wide variety of sample types, such as tissues, cultured cells, bacteria, yeast, plants and blood. The protocol also can be adapted for other sample types.

Other commonly used RNA isolation methods provide total RNA that is contaminated with genomic DNA  that interferes with sensitive methods, such as real-time RT-PCR and microarray analysis. The PureYield™ RNA Midiprep System avoids this problem by selectively removing genomic DNA prior to total RNA purification. The eluted total RNA is free of detectable DNA and ready for use in sensitive downstream applications.

The system has been designed for use with centrifugation or vacuum (e.g., the Vac-Man® Laboratory Vacuum Manifold) formats.

  • Purified total RNA with undetectable genomic DNA contamination improves results in downstream applications.
  • Purifying total RNA without the use of DNase treatment reduces steps during purification and in downstream applications.
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Complete Protocol

PureYield™ RNA Midiprep System Technical Manual

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Quick Protocol

PureYield RNA Midiprep System Quick Protocol

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100 isolations × 300μl

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Use Restrictions

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

Storage Conditions

See Protocol for detailed storage recommendations.

Patents and Disclaimers

Patent Pending.