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Maxwell® RSC Plant DNA Kit

Automated DNA Extraction from Plant Tissues

  • Extracts DNA from a range of plant tissues, including soybean, corn and Arabidopsis
  • Consistent purification, no organic extractions and minimal preprocessing
  • Purified DNA is ready to use in downstream applications including amplification assays

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Automated DNA Extraction from Plant Tissues

Automated DNA Extraction from Plant Tissue

The Maxwell® RSC Plant DNA Kit is used with the Maxwell® RSC and RSC 48 Instruments to provide an easy method for efficient, automated purification of genomic DNA (gDNA) from plant tissue samples. The Maxwell® RSC Instrument can process from 1 to 16 samples and the Maxwell® RSC 48 can process from 1 to 48 samples in a single run.

Using this system, DNA can be purified from plant samples in under 60 minutes with minimal preprocessing and no organic extractions. Automated purification results in consistent purification, with less variability than traditional DNA extraction methods such as CTAB and spin-columns.

The Instruments are supplied with preprogrammed purification methods and uses predispensed reagent cartridges, maximizing simplicity and convenience.

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DNA purified with the Maxwell® RSC Plant DNA Kit is ready for use in downstream applications, including qPCR. PCR using DNA purified with the Maxwell® RSC Plant DNA Kit shows no significant evidence of inhibitors.

In this experiment, tenfold dilutions of DNA purified from 20mg if various plant leaf tissues were amplified using qPCR. The ΔCq is calculated as the shift in Cq between each tenfold dilution. The expected ΔCq value for a tenfold dilution is around 3.3. The observed ΔCq value for the Maxwell® RSC Plant DNA samples indicate minimal inhibition.

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The cellulose-based particles in the Maxwell® Kits have higher binding capacity than silica-based DNA purification methods, giving consistently high yields.  In the samples shown here, DNA was isolated from 20mg of plant tissues from Arabidopsis, Balsam, corn and soybean. The eluted DNA was quantified using the QuantiFluor® dsDNA Dye and the Quantus™ Fluorometer.

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Complete Protocol

Maxwell® RSC Plant DNA Kit

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Quick Protocol

Maxwell RSC Plant DNA Kit FB192

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Use Restrictions

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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Patents and Disclaimers

U.S. Pat. No. 6,855,499 and other patents.