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Maxwell® FSC DNA IQ™ Casework Kit

Optimal DNA Extraction from Forensic Casework Samples

  • Uses proven DNA IQ™ chemistry to purify DNA from challenging casework samples
  • Easy-to-use spin baskets circumvent the need to transfer swabs helping minimize cross-contamination
  • Compatible with the Maxwell® FSC or Maxwell® RSC 48 Instruments

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Catalog number selected:  AS1550

Optimal DNA Extraction from Forensic Casework Samples


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The Maxwell® FSC DNA IQ™ Casework Kit is designed for optimal DNA extraction from forensic casework samples. These samples may include blood stains, semen stains, hairs, cigarette butts, tissue samples and trace or “touch” DNA samples regularly encountered in forensic DNA analysis. The kit contains the same trusted reagents as the DNA IQ™ System in a convenient, prefilled cartridge format and is optimized to provide a final DNA extract in a pure, concentrated format. Cartridge set up can be automated with the Maxprep™ Liquid Handler, thus removing several hands-on steps.

The Maxwell® FSC DNA IQ™ Casework Kit uses a plastic cartridge and newly designed plunger that allow DNA elution in a final volume of no more than 50μl. DNA IQ™ Lysis Buffer, Resin and Wash Buffer are included in the prefilled cartridge, and DNA IQ™ Elution Buffer is included in the kit to ensure proper storage of the DNA. The Maxwell® FSC DNA IQ™ Casework Kit is compatible with the Maxwell® FSC Instrument and Maxwell® RSC 48 Instrument, which include a surface tablet and easy, intuitive interface. The Maxwell® FSC Instrument can process from 1 to 16 samples, and the Maxwell® RSC 48 can process from 1 to 48 samples in a single run.

The Casework Extraction Kit (Cat.# DC6745) improves DNA extraction efficiency from a broad panel of sample types and is used for preprocessing samples before DNA extraction with the Maxwell® FSC DNA IQ™ Casework Kit. New CW Spin Baskets and CW Microfuge Tubes, 1.5ml, are ethylene-oxide-treated and enable preprocessing of solid samples without the need to transfer swabs, simplifying the process and reducing the chance of cross-contamination. The Maxprep™ Liquid Handler, in conjunction with Portal software, provides complete sample tracking from primary sample tubes to final extraction results.



Promega forensic products are manufactured in alignment with the ISO 18385 standard. This standard ensures minimal risk of human DNA contamination for products used to collect, store and analyze biological materials for forensic purposes.

Available Separately

Required Products Size Cat.#
Casework Extraction Kit 100 reactions DC6745
CW Spin Baskets 50/pack AS8101
CW Microfuge Tubes, 1.5ml 50/pack AS8201
ClickFit Microtube, 1.5ml 100/pack V4745
DNA IQ™ Spin Baskets 50/pack V1225


Standalone Products Size Cat.#
FSC Plunger Pack 48/pack AS7101
Elution Tubes, 0.5ml 50/pack AS7201
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Complete Protocol

Maxwell® FSC DNA IQ™ Casework Kit

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SDS For AS1550

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Use Restrictions

Not For Medical Diagnostic Use.

Storage Conditions