BenchTop ΦX174 DNA/HaeIII Markers

BenchTop ΦX174 DNA/HaeIII Markers

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BenchTop DNA Markers offer the convenience of storage at room temperature (22–25°C) as well as the capability of direct loading onto agarose gels. The BenchTop DNA Markers are supplied in a stabilizing solution of 1X Blue/Orange Loading Dye, making the markers ready to load.

The BenchTop ΦX174 DNA/HaeIII Markers have 11 phenol-extracted, ethanol-precipitated DNA fragments ranging in size from 72bp to 1,353bp.

Now shipping at ambient temperature. Learn more about the quality testing in the white paper.


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Item Part # Size
BenchTop ΦX174 DNA/HaeIII Markers G751A 1 × 250μl


Use Restrictions

For Laboratory Use. Outside of the United States, this product is intended for research use only unless otherwise stated.

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