Cloning your gene can be one of the most difficult parts of an experiment. The first step is to decide which method will be most effective for inserting your gene precisely at the target locus.

PCR Cloning

PCR cloning is a fast and efficient method that doesn’t require restriction enzymes. These blogs tackle some of the biggest challenges, like designing the right insert and optimizing the reaction conditions.


PCR Cloning Guide

Jump into the PCR Cloning section of our guide to subcloning and learn about the techniques and products you’ll need to be successful.


A Quick Method for A-Tailing PCR Products

Explore a few strategies you might not have considered to overcome the challenges of “A” overhangs.

T-Vector Cloning

Learn the basics of T-Vector Cloning in these blog responses to frequently asked questions.


Cloning with pGEM-T Vectors: Ligation

Learn how to ligate your blunt-ended DNA fragments using pGEM-T vectors.


T-Vector Cloning FAQ

Need more tips for successful cloning? Check out these answers to frequently asked questions.


Cloning Modified Blunt-Ended DNA Fragments into T-Vectors

Read about a method for eliminating some of the requirements of conventional blunt-end cloning.

Restriction Enzyme Cloning

Restriction enzymes recognize specific sequences of DNA and cleave the strands at sites within or adjacent to those sequences. When you’re using restriction enzymes, your reaction conditions will need to be adjusted to the needs of the specific enzyme you’re working with.


Tips for Restriction Enzyme-Digested Vectors and Inserts

Read a few useful tips from some restriction enzyme experts.


Restriction Enzyme Digestion Applications and Resources

Explore applications for restriction enzyme digests and more in this resource to help you conquer your research.

Molecular Biology Lab Guide

From basic DNA purification to the most complicated qPCR experiment, the Molecular Biology Lab Guide can help you make every experiment successful.

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Cloning Tools

Ready to start? Check out these tools, which can help you prepare for every step of cloning.


Restriction Enzyme Tool

Incubation temperature, recognition sequence, overhang sequence—get all the info you need about your restriction enzyme.